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Company Name : El Nasr Housing and Reconstruction
Founded : 1962
Company Seat : Building 8, Mohamed Mansour Street - Zamalek - Cairo
Telephone : 27366420
Fax : 27354057
Company Branches    
Mokatam Branches : 8630 Building Block 81 - Tel: 25073197-25084952
Alex Branches : Building 19 Al Nasr Street Apartment 101 Mansheya - Phone: / 5250955 / 03
Establishment of the company
Decree No. (231) for the year 1962 the authorization of the Public Authority for the implementation of the five-year program for establishing the company as the "Company Victory construction and installation of industrial, "and then issued Presidential Decree No. (918) for the year 1966 the transfer of their subordination to the Egyptian General Contracting, Civil, and Decree No. (2432) for the year 1969 the transfer of dependence once again to the Egyptian General Housing and changed the company name to" Al-Nasr for the maintenance of public buildings and facilities, "the company did not begin in the conduct of their business, but as of 11/4/1970 and on 16/7/1973 Decree No. (1082) changed the name of the company to El Nasr Housing and Construction and maintenance of buildings, and on 24/6/2000 was change the company name under the decision of Mr. / President of the Assembly of the company (No. 29) for the year 2000 and the publication number (52) of the Official Gazette dated 08.07.2000 to the Al-Nasr Housing and Development, dated 17.08.2005 issued Aqraralsid / Chairman of the Council of Ministers 1322 subordination of the company to transfer the National Company for Construction and Development
On 17/10/2006 and approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Nasr Company for Housing and Altamierali the following statement
  • Merger of Republic of Housing and Construction in El Nasr Housing and Construction in accordance with the inventory balances for each of assets and liabilities of companies in a company under the name of 1/7/2006 Nasr Housing and Reconstruction, while taking all necessary legal procedures, while maintaining all the rights of workers.
  • Mandate of the Standing Ministerial Committee the problem of resolution No. (117) for the year 2004 validates the procedures and rules of evaluation of the net assets of the Al-Nasr Housing and Construction Company, Republic of Housing and Construction in 30/6/2006.
On 17.04.2007 approved the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Company states as follows
Adoption of the report committee, formed by Ministerial Decree No. (117) for the year 2004, as amended, on the assessment of assets and liabilities of the Al Nasr Housing and Reconstruction following the merger of the Republic of the housing and construction are based on the book value for them at the 30/6/2007, which concluded that there were differences minus the amount of 44.485 million pounds with the preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with the decision of Mr. / Chairman of the Central Auditing Agency No. (204) for the year 2001

Adopt in the consumption of Revaluation of property rights
Amend Article 7.6 of the Statute of the amendment to become as follows
Article (6)
Select the company's licensed capital by the amount of 150 million pounds (one hundred and fifty million pounds), and select the amount of the issued capital of 100 million Pounds (one hundred million), distributed among 20 million shares (20 million shares) shares of par value £ 5 (five pounds) all cash stocks.
Article (7)
All the Company's shares have been underwritten in full, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Holding Company for Construction and the proportion of participation Egyptian 100% (hundred percent).

* Posted on 18/11/2006 Egyptian Official Gazette No. (260).

Legal Form

Egyptian shareholding company belonging to the Holding Company for Construction and Development.
Commercial register.
Registration number (19 416) - No Deposit (3000), the filing date (09/05/1992) Office of the South Cairo
Purpose of the company
  • Acquisition of land suitable for the reconstruction and development planning projects, reconstruction and carry out the division of land and providing facilities and public services needed for it within the law, the administration may require reconstruction of the nucleus of cells and residential use, sale, management and Istosmaralorady, facilities, installations, both for their own account or for others.
  • And carry out housing construction or purchase and configured for housing and the sale, leasing and management of properties owned by her or the other company is also acting maintenance of public buildings and facilities own or through an intermediary, as well as of acts of renovations and expansions, construction and related operation, manufacturing and marketing of materials and equipment and the company that engaged in all operations in real estate and financial commercial and industrial related to this purpose
  • May have a company interest or share in any way with those engaged in business-like operations, or that may assist it to achieve its purpose in the Arab Republic of Egypt or abroad, buy or inflict upon them
Duration of the company
Fifty years of the date of publication 28/09/1986 decision of incorporation and bylaws in the Official Gazette
Statement of capital
  • The authorized capital: 150 million pounds of capital issued and paid up: 100 million pounds
  • The number of shares: 20 million shares fully owned by the National Company for Building and Construction
  • The nominal value of 5 pounds per share

Contributions to joint ventures
  Amount Contribution Number Shares Percentage Contribution %
Al Zahraa Maadi Investment & Development 3.173 EGP million 31730 6.346
Egyptian joint stock company for construction and tourism 30 EGP million 7500 10.00
Clay Bricks Company (Egypt Break) 350 EGP Thousand 3500 1.40
Woody Timber Company (under liquidation) 250 EGP Thousand 2500 10.00

The Board of Directors as follows
Engineer / Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed AbdelRaouf Chairman and Managing Director
Engineer / Naser Fawzy Mohamed Elmeselhy Managing Director for Technical Affairs and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Accountant / Mohamed Khazaal Ibrahim ALy Managing director of financial and administrative affairs, real estate and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Mamdouh Elredy Abbas Managing director of real estate
Prof. / Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Mohamed El Gamal Member of the Board of Directors elected
Prof. / Mohamed Hadi Ahmed Salama Member of the Board of Directors elected
Mr. Accountant / Abdel-Qader Abdel Hakim Mohammed Member of the Board of Directors elected
CAA - Surveillance Department of Housing and Construction